Tips For Making A Room Look Bigger (1)

Do dark colors make a room look bigger or smaller?

Well, this could the question on your mind if you are remodeling your house.

You need to choose colors that are going to make your house or room appear more spacious or larger.
Whether it is your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or any other room in your house, you need to make use of colors that will make it look bigger than it is.

There are plenty of tricks that you can utilize to make this happen.

  • Stay Away from Dark Colors

If you want your house to look bigger, you should far away from dark colors. This is because they tend to absorb light or inhibit any light that comes into the room.

Tips For Making A Room Look Bigger (2)This will make your space appear smaller than it already is. The best colors to go with if you want your room to look more spacious are bright or strong colors.

However, if you have a smaller room, the bright colors can be a bit overwhelming. You can still achieve a spacious look using light colors and clever contrasts.

If you want to play safe with the colors, go with a pale pastel shade that will reflect off the walls and fill up the room without feeling so overwhelming or restricted.

  • Use Complimentary Colors for Accessories

After selecting the right colors to use to make your room look bigger, you will need to keep accessories for that room along the same lines.

For instance, if you have decided to paint the walls using light green, try to choose accessories that are also light green or not too far away from that color.

Throwing in random punches of other colors such as blue and orange will make the room look cluttered or small. When you keep things simple, you will have a well-coordinated space that does justice to the size of the room.

  • Do Not Use Carpet In Smaller SpacesTips For Making A Room Look Bigger (3)

Apart from staying away from dark colors for your walls and accessories, you will also need to avoid using carpet in smaller rooms if you want them to appear more spacious.

Wood floors will be a great choice if you have a smaller room. Apart from cutting down on the amount of dust that builds up, they are also going to give the room a more open as well as airy feeling.

You will be amazed at the difference that the type and color of flooring you will choose will make to the overall look and feel of your room.