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6 factors to Consider When Choosing a Web-host


Choosing the best web hosting company can be a daunting task, especially if an individual is new to running a website and do not know more about web hosting, or the hosting he or she needs. Indeed, failing to choose the best service provider can be one of the expensive mistakes that one can make. This is because he or she will spend a lot of funds on hosting features that he or she does not need. Besides, he or she might end up losing website visitors because of lack of website features or uptime. Here are 6 factors to consider when selecting the cheapest web hosting companies in the UK.

Factors to Consider


This is a primary factor to consider. Whether an individual is choosing a hosting plan for a new website or an existing site, what he or she intend to use the internet site for will influence a hosting choice. In case the site is personal and meant for fun, then free hosting will work better. However, if the website is intended for business, then paid hosting is the best.


Web hosting packages vary extensively in price. In case one is starting a business or a website, it might be better to select the cheapest package to reduce the start-up costs. That might sound the best. However, as much it is not wise to go for the cheapest options you can also consider going for the cheapest web hosting companies. This is because one might incur other unnecessary costs that accompany the cheap option. Therefore, it is important to put into consideration other factors before choosing the cheapest web hosting firm.


Looking at the usability of the hosting service is also crucial. This will truly affect an individual who is new to hosting and do not have much technical or coding knowledge. Besides, it will affect one who need more freedom to customize his or her website & hosting options. Firstly, the usability feature to consider is whether the web hosting company has cPanel, ispCP, Plesk, or ISPConfig.

Additional services

One should choose a web hosting service provider that offer additional services, such as email services and website statistics among others.

ADFARQEFDCQACustomer service

It is paramount to choose a web hosting company that has dedicated and friendly customer care representatives. In case the company has no such a customer care team, then consider other available options.

Various types of hosting

When one is selecting between dedicated and shared hosting, he or she should always remember that audio and video files occupy more space compared to text. Therefore, whatever type of hosting an individual chooses, it is vital to ensure that the plan he or she selects provides 20% more space than he or she currently needs.…