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Care And Maintenance of A Fiberglass Bathtub

Why choose a fiberglass bathtub?

An increasing number of contractors are choosing to install fiberglass bathtubs when building new houses. The builders have realized that the material is better than the traditional enamel material. The reason behind this shift has been as a result of the attractive features that come with the material. The fact that fiberglass comes in a variety of styles and colors offers homeowners a whole new way of enhancing their bathroom decor. If you love something shiny, you will no doubt love the glossy bathtub courtesy of the fiberglass material.

Many people also now prefer fiberglass because the mathnkm3ed6t36ey72u2erial is known to retain its original appearance for long. Other materials such as enamel are known to look old and unattractive after being used for some time. As long as you maintain the fiberglass well, it will look new and shiny for years. Many homeowners on a budget are choosing to make some savings by purchasing fiberglass bathtub. In comparison to other bathtub materials, fiberglass is a much cheaper and practical option.

Cleaning and maintenance of fiberglass

Once you make the decision to install a bathtub made from fiberglass, you need to take good care of it. Since you will need to clean it often, you should avoid using abrasive materials. Hand washing liquids and liquid laundry detergents are known to clean fiberglass perfectly. You simply need to use the mild liquid cleaners with a soft piece of cloth and your bathroom will be sparkling clean.

If you wish to maintain the shine on your bathtub, never use a scouring pad or any other abrasive material. If you want to enhance the lustrous fiberglass appearance, you can use the ordinary polish used for car surfaces. The products not only prolong the life of the fiberglass but they also rectify any minor cracks on the surface.

Removing soap stains on fiberglass

Bathtubs are known to develop soap stains after being used for a while. If you happen to live in an area with hard water, the bathtub is likely to develop scum stains faster. The standard practice of minimizing scum is to wipe the bathtub with a piece of cloth after every bath.

However, tjmkb3e5dt627282his method does not always work because there will still be a gradual formation of stains over time. Fortunately, there is a cleaning paste that can remove mineral deposits on fiberglass. You simply need to apply the paste and leave it for an hour or two then wash the surface of the bathtub with warm water and soap.

If you use the above maintenance methods for your fiberglass bathtub, it will serve you for longer and appear newer even after prolonged use.…