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The Aidan and Steve Ultra Edition Insider


The much anticipated 100k Factory Ultra Edition was released during the first week of April 2016. We were driven to do this given that many such programs in the past had promised manna from heaven only to disappoint later.

The the100kfactory.com, however, stands out. It has a comprehensive twelve-week course that is divided into two main phases and thirteen modules.


Video library

bkpapaffgfThe purpose of the video library is to explain clearly to the users some of the effective ways of implementing the system. The video library has some steps to step manuals and the real life studies. In a nutshell, it has combined the product information training and marketing.

The creators of this program one Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton will take the members through the different methods of conducting the marketing research.

They will also train the users on how to customize their software and content repository. This is to enable them quickly and easily launch the e-commerce store following the various learning curves.

Content repository

The training guide is very helpful. For instance, it explains to the users in details that they are not supposed to store inventory and ship the product. This program works using the principle of setting up the storefront and collecting money just like the other physical store.

Once the users of the product have built an online store, they will then teach them how to drive high traffic to their website and the online store. The targeted traffic, in this case, is cheap with it being 100% free in certain circumstances.

Since the traffic comes in large quantities, the revenues are equally high. The system cover audio programs, e-books, consulting group coaching, live events, membership programs, and video programs, just but to mention a few.

Members-only access

bphagagfgfOnce a member signs up for the program, he is usually granted instant access to an area that is only meant for the members. This area contains lots of information in regards to internet marketing.

The resources include the step by step visual training schedules and content repository and custom tool suite. These are internet marketing tools that were built from scratch. They are unique and effective and have never been used anywhere else.

The program has been broken down into various sections to ensure that the members understand how the system runs.…