A Band Saw is primarily used for cutting curves on wood. If a person has been using thick lumber, band saw reviews would speak highly of this tool. It is an ideal tool that can execute cross cuts into short pieces, rip woods and assist with leg making of the cabriolet. With the ability to rip or resaw a lumber to get thinner slabs out of them, a band saw can cut irregular shapes like no other device made to date. Not only does this tool create the smoothest cut possible it’s also versatile for it can accommodate different blades even those that can help it cut metal.

Without the right mechanism, it can take a person much effort to carve a piece of wood for his task and may also tend to be time-consuming. Fortunately today many band saws are in the market place and offer divergent of mechanisms to help a wood cutter in getting his work done easily. Among all the varieties present in the market it may become hard to choose the best band saw. That said here are 2017 reviews of Band saws

Bench top band saw

22jgsejhefihuhThis band saw is portable and can be fixed on a table or over a pedestal. It has a lighter weight when compared to other varieties, and its wheel dimension ranges between eight to twelve inches in diameter. Its motor is directly attached to it instead of the belt.

Pros and cons of Bench top band saw


• The band saw does not require much instruction thus can be used efficiently at home.
• Its cutting is aided with a light scrolling cutter that can easily curve wood pleasantly.
• It is smaller in size, and lighter in weight thus can be moved around quite easily.


• It has low sawing power
• It has limited capability for cutting

Stand Mounted Band Saw

A stand Mounted Band Saw has distinct characteristics in that it comes with a wheel measuring fourteen inches in size and a cast iron structure. This Band Saw may come on a similar enclosed or open frame display structure. Its motor is located below the saw within the stand.

Pros and cons of Stand Mounted Band Saw


• Can be used for wood cutting in small workshops.
• The Band Saw is cheap regardless of its mechanism or size.
• It does not require much space to set it up.


• Has limited cutting ability
• It is low powered for small logs board

Floor Standing Band saw

A Floor Standing Band saw has a large wheel base measuring between seventeen and twenty-four inches. A professional wood cutter mainly uses the Band Saw for the excellent professional workshop. It has a bigger sized motor when compared with other band saw’s motors. It has stable and durable structure.

Pros and cons of Floor Standing Band saw


33 nxvcmncvnb• It is sturdy and strong
• Can be best used for rip sawing a thick
• Can mold intricate designs


• It’s a bit expensive


By being a much favorite power tool, a band saw is a great tool for metal working, wood
working and cutting of anything imaginable.